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For Survivor fans, this bi-weekly podcast covers CBS’ biggest reality show, Survivor. In Never Draw Rocks, host Khendall provides commentary, rants, what-ifs, updates, thoughts, lists, analysis, game history and more as he shares his love of the game with the only people that love it like he does: you. Join the best podcasting community in Survivor as we experience every blindside, idol, and challenge together as our favorite players, past and future, play their way to the title of Sole Survivor.

The Good and the Bad: The Survivor Jury System

March 6, 2021

In this episode, Khendall thinks in depth on Survivors' most important twist: the jury system. What are the merits of the jury system? How does the jury system help the game? Are there ways that the jury system damages the game? How do jurors affect this system? Are modern players or fans better at fulfilling their jury duties than previous seasons? Khendall will discuss this and more as he takes a deep dive into these questions, examining the twist that brings new generations into the game of Survivor.