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For Survivor fans, this bi-weekly podcast covers CBS’ biggest reality show, Survivor. In Never Draw Rocks, host Khendall provides commentary, rants, what-ifs, updates, thoughts, lists, analysis, game history and more as he shares his love of the game with the only people that love it like he does: you. Join the best podcasting community in Survivor as we experience every blindside, idol, and challenge together as our favorite players, past and future, play their way to the title of Sole Survivor.

The Legend of Kelley Wentworth

April 7, 2021

In this episode of Never Draw Rocks, Khendall talks about perhaps the game's most talked-about female player that hasn't attained the title of Sole Survivor. She is Kelley Wentworth. Known for her daring strategic play and strong usage of the hidden immunity idol, Kelley has occupied the conversations of Survivor fans for years. Whether that was of disdain regarding her character and those within her famed alliances, or of admiration of the sheer skill and audacity of playing while the underdog, Wentworth is among the game's most talked about Survivors. Khendall discusses who Wentworth is, her biggest mistakes, why she never won, what makes her a legend among Survivor fans, and more as we take a deep dive into one of the games most proud Survivors.