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For Survivor fans, this bi-weekly podcast covers CBS’ biggest reality show, Survivor. In Never Draw Rocks, host Khendall provides commentary, rants, what-ifs, updates, thoughts, lists, analysis, game history and more as he shares his love of the game with the only people that love it like he does: you. Join the best podcasting community in Survivor as we experience every blindside, idol, and challenge together as our favorite players, past and future, play their way to the title of Sole Survivor.

Winning Against All Odds: Worlds Apart

January 5, 2021

In this episode of Never Draw Rocks, Khendall considers the 30th season of Survivor in which the season winner played the role of the underdog, garnering the mutual distrust of his entire tribe. In this season, we see a number of strong players and competitors competing against one another, but after 39 hard fought days, only one came out on top: Mike Holloway. With the theme of White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar, we saw an interesting combination of players which resulted in one of the most entertaining and difficult roads to the crowning of the Sole Survivor. Khendall talks about the big players in the game, their alliances, the social and physical aspect of the game, as well as players like Mike, Rodney, and Carolyn and what we can learn from yet another strong season of Survivor history. What do players need to do pre-merge? What caused Mike to lose his alliance? What was he thinking when he did? Is building relationships important? What about jury management? We discuss all this in more as we take a dive into season 30, Worlds Apart.

Potential Spoilers: Season 20, 22, 30, and 40.